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After the storm

It's a bright, beautiful cold day on the farmette. The sun is shining and there's mercifully very little wind.

Unlike most of last week. Starting on Wednesday, all through Thursday and Friday, the wind howled and it felt like the snow was never going to stop falling.

I took this pano yesterday morning in the aftermath. Cool, eh? Even Hagar - the maple tree on the right that looks like she's lost a lot of limbs (she has) was coated.

While it was a bit frightening, we had stocked up on groceries (and cat food, of course), and I had no meetings to go to (wouldn't have gone anyway). So we stayed warm and dry inside the farmette house.

Unfortunately, my curling game in Hanover was cancelled yet again. I don't know what Mother Nature has against Wednesdays this winter, but we've had to cancel three or four times before and after Christmas. Wonder if I'll remember how to throw a rock next Wednesday. Any how.

Things do look kind of fresh and lovely in the aftermath. My raspberries are tucked up snugly under the burlap. I hope my experiment works - keeping hungry bunnies away from my tender canes.

We had to dig out the sidewalk several times in order to be able to get out of the house. When it came time to blow out the driveway, wouldn't you know the John Deere had a flat! Rob was all set to take on the elements and the damn thing kakked on us.

Serendipitously, one of our neighbours with a much bigger machine happened to be driving by on Douglas just as a disappointed Rob was about to come in the house. So he flagged down buddy.

The Good Samaritan took only two passes to clean our horseshoe shaped drive and refused to take any payment.

He explained that, when there's a blizzard (that's actually how the weather folks at Environment Canada characterized it), we all have to pitch in. Nice guy. Trouble is, now Rob has tractor envy.

Yesterday, I was also able to resume my hikes. Here's me on the snowmobile trail beside the mighty Saugeen river. I so suck at doing selfies, I thought I'd just get a shot of my Michelin man sized shadow. Rob said I kind of looked like the little brother from A Christmas Story. That's okay. I stay very warm on my walks, thanks to the snow pants. So I'll take the teasing.

On today's agenda is a bit of re-stocking of the larder. And some cleanup duties - the carpets have another cat's worth of fur on them, I'm sure. I'm also going to sort through my seeds (need it, got it) and make myself feel better by dreaming of my summer vegetable garden.

Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo of Freddie, lounging on Rob's lap. (He now has various surnames including Mercury, Flintstone and Freeloader):


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