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Celebrating Rachel

It's a way warmer day at the farmette. Grey and about one degree Celsius. The polar vortex did its thing over the last two days with temperatures plummeting to -20C or so. What a relief.

Today is my niece Rachel's 27th birthday. I keep saying it, and I know I sound like the dowdy, old-farty auntie, but it's still hard to believe that much time has passed. This was Christmas 2005, I think. The Thorntons were living in Erin at the time. I used to knit sweaters for Rachel and her sister Erin every year, and they dutifully wore them.

Yesterday, Sandy and I were talking about the day she was born in Toronto. Her husband Brian bought a stuffed Tasmanian Devil (the Warner Brothers kind) as a focal point for Sandy and made the mistake of saying his feet hurt. Right.

While she and younger sister Erin have had their moments over the years (and still do, actually), Rachel loves the stuffing out of her and vice versa.

Yes, the car below that the girls are mugging on is my beloved red and white Mini that we had taken to a family reunion.

Rachel has been a horsey girl since she was wee. Still is. In fact, they've built a big palatial barn to house her current horse Trigger, and Erin's horse Raven. Dad Brian and the whole family have been putting in hours and hours to get the interior done just right for the equines.

She's got a soft spot for dogs too, and currently has a rescue named Callie. This is Maya, who has since completed her time here, when she was just a pup being cuddled. The dimple on Rachel's left cheek has always been a killer for me - ever since she was a newborn.

Rachel's a sporty sort and played hockey and rugby growing up.

While she's not the most talkative person on the planet, she works hard and plays hard, is loving, lovely and loyal.

I know her parents are very proud of the girl they've raised. Who's now a woman with her own life and job and soon-to-be husband Jesse.

For her high school prom, Rob took about a bazillion photos around the farmette property of the pair of them.

She'll be wearing a different dress in the fall when she marries this guy.

So glad to have had the privilege of being Rachel's auntie over the years. She's truly a corker of a human being.

Until next week. Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of the whole gang of five, who were tuckered yesterday after a day of chasing, racing, tunnelling and mostly sleeping.

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05 feb 2023

Happy Birthday Rachel!! 💜

Me gusta
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