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Climate change comes to the farmette

It's a grey, cool day at the farmette. We got a skiff of snow over night and there's a chance of more flurries today.

It's been unseasonably warm for the last couple of weeks, so that's where I'm going today. Yesterday, as I moseyed around the property, I found (and made) several signs of spring, on February 10th!

The snowdrops are already peeking their white little blossoms up through the leaf litter in the back yard. In contrast, here's how it looked in 2022.

I actually put my laundry out on the line. Okay, it was partly because my 30+ year old Maytag dryer has blown its element and the repair guy has yet to get another one installed. It's also partly because I've been feeding the Durham laundromat dryer all my quarters for the past two weeks.

I nearly pulled it off, except it started to snow in the late afternoon, so Rob and I wound up having to hastily bung the clothes into a bag and into the quarter-eating dryer again.

I even heard that some maple syrup operations have been tapping trees a bit farther south of here.

But back in the flower beds, the crocus leaves have greened up and the moss is looking positively perky.

This is the first year I haven't done a cleanup on the west side bed. It's mostly hydrangea with some peonies, bachelor's buttons, lilies and a big rose in the middle.

Since we have the bird feeder adjacent to the west wall of the house, I noticed that the juncos and chickadees really appreciate the cover, and like to dart back and forth for their meals. So I think I'll be lazy again next year and just stick with the 'winter interest'.

It was very weird seeing green lawn and not a speck of the white stuff through the beginning of February in Grey County.

I know it's nowhere near the end of winter, and am anticipating at least one or two more good sized wallops of snow. At least I hope so. We do need the moisture in order to enjoy the lush vegetation later in the year.

So that's it for this week. Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Hobbes, who has decided that draping himself around my noggin when I'm trying to sleep is a brilliant idea.


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