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Fall colouring

It's a dull, rainy day at the farmette. Single digit Celsius and almost all the leaves are stripped from the trees.

Last Sunday, we had a lovely Thanksgiving at the Thorntons over in Feversham with turkey and all the trimmings. In the midst of the pandemic, it was nice to be in the family bubble.

We followed it up with a long walk through the network of trails the family has blazed through the bush.

Sandy cleverly brought along dog treats to keep certain canines in line. She had their full attention as you can see.

Callie is on the far left, Marley's the retriever and newcomer Sadie is the little springer. Sandy and her family have a dog collecting habit like we have a feline collecting habit.

The colours this fall have been especially spectacular on and around the farmette.

This doozy is directly in front of the walkway beside the driveway.

Rob caught the exact right moment when the sun was glinting off the maple leaves. Nice, eh?

I took this photo on one of my daily walks along the trail that joins Douglas Street and the mighty Saugeen river.

I have serious tree envy when I see these beauties. While we've tried to grow them, the bunnies seem to like the tender birch saplings a bit too much, and we wind up with little stubs in the spring.

Have to get bigger ones next year to grace the front of the property where I'm afraid a couple of the older maples will have to come down. They're really looking ragged, with dead limbs that are becoming a bit of a hazard.

With the temperatures plunging into the single digits and going into the frigid zone over night, it won't be long until the white stuff starts to fall. I can wait. For now, I'll just enjoy scuffling through the piles of detritus the trees have given to us.

I do love this time of year. Thick socks, comfy sweaters and being able to see my breath. Today's job is to dig out the scarves, toques and mitts and gear up for the rest of the season.

I'm glad we live in a rural spot where we can all ramble around, taking in the fresh air and enjoying the wonderful scenery.

Gratuitous picture of Sandy cuddling up with Sadie at the cabin in the woods.

Until next week.


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