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Festooning the farmette

It's a sunny day at the farmette. Not too cold and all the snow has melted. We put out birdseed and suet last week to help out the avian population, and they really appreciate it. Juncos, chickadees, mourning doves and nuthatches mostly. So far.

Yesterday was day one of decorating for Christmas. Since we have a 155-year-old house, we can only string lights in the newer section above the back deck and on the front bushes (with battery-powered flashy ones).

Here's me in my best Doug Mackenzie finery, working on festooning the eaves. Note the laundry hanging from the line in the background. I usually don't use the clothesline past October, but it was a pretty spectacular day, and I love the smell of the outdoors on our apparel.

I love this time of year. I know I say that for every time of year, but I think this one's going to extra special, given the COVID-19 and all.

I can't believe we're in a second surge, and while we have some hope that a vaccine is coming, thousands will suffer and die in the mean time - especially the anti-maskers. What is wrong with those people??? Anyhow. Back to regular programming. It seems this is the weekend a lot of people are decorating. One woman on Twitter complained about banging her head on the attic beams while hoiking out the boxes and another said the same about the basement.

I, luckily, didn't have that problem. We have plenty of head space in the farmette house's basement. And we've managed to put a crapload of stuff in it over the past eight and a half years. Like Christmas decorations.

Hobbes was quite helpful in the process, as you can see. There's nothing quite like a cardboard box to tickle the fancy of the felines.

Wilma, who's the most curious - and the most hungry all the time - couldn't get enough of the entertainment I provided by stringing lights and placing fuzzy beings around the joint.

I'm looking forward to a quiet time with family - just the Thorntons this year on Christmas day. While I do like the big bustling celebrations of the past, I'm pretty content with a stripped-down version this year. Especially if it protects the loved ones.

Happy decorating everyone. Until next week.


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