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Festooning the farmette

It's a grey, not-terribly-cold day at the farmette. We got a light dusting of snow overnight.

The Christmas preparations continue apace. Not only inside, but also outside the buildings of the farmette, everything is coming together beautifully.

Even the hibiscus has decided to join in the festivities by blooming like crazy.


We got the tree up and decorated last Sunday, and it's looking pretty fine. Especially when there's a Calvin sitting prettily next to it.

I started a new tradition last year by printing off photos of the people who are receiving the present instead of name tags. Which is why you see Rachel's face in the foreground.

I took a little hike around the property yesterday and noticed that Mother Nature is celebrating, too.

The sumac is sprinkled with just the right amount of the white stuff, as is the Queen Anne's lace.

The Scotch pines in the back forty are nicely decorated with tiny cones covered again in the icing sugary snow.

While most of the time, I lament the distinct lack of leaves on our trees, you gotta admit that the big, burly maple that keeps us cool on the deck in the summer time still looks pretty majestic in winter.

And the trunks of the spruces line up like soldiers standing guard in the snow.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a week of rest and relaxation ahead of the big day. We're celebrating on Christmas eve with the Thorntons and I can't wait to sink my teeth into a scrumptious lobster and steak dinner. Until next week.

Since Calvin already got the cat glory, I have a gratuitous dog photo this week, courtesy of Marley Thornton, who likes to bury her face in the nearest snow bank.


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