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Finding natural gems in the county

It's a grey day in Grey County. It's supposed to rain. Hoping it does.

We're gearing up to do our three-day Georgian Bay road trip starting on Tuesday. Bed and breakfasts are booked and so is the cat-sitter. We have a gigantic bag of trail mix for snacking on. Yay. Will report back next week.

Last weekend, we went out in the Miata for a wee tootle around the county, and found a lovely little park tucked into Walkerton. It's called Lobies and it's a beauty with soaring cottonwoods lining the mighty Saugeen River.

At one end, there was a baseball diamond surrounded by cedars and spruces. A trail along the river provided a nice cool break from the very hot sun.

At the other end was a campground with sites that had water and electrical hookups.

It kind of reminded me of the old days when Mom and Dad and Sandy and I would go camping. Dad actually built a trailer from plywood and plopped a canvas tent from Canadian Tire on top of it. It worked. In fact, it went right across the country when we were just wee. We also hauled it all over Ontario, including Algonquin Park. Memories.

Anyhow. Back to last weekend. Lobies is not very big, but it has everything a camper would need, including a boat launch and lovely trails along the river.

There was even a handy sign that told the public what fish were in the river. Sign of the times that it warned against eating too much of the larger fish like bass, pike and walleye because of contaminants. Actually, when I worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources back in the 1980s, I was involved in writing the book on this.

On our little meander, we came across a tulip tree, like the one we have planted in our yard. It must be a volunteer. Another sign of the times that it's surviving this far north. How about that climate change?

We didn't spend a lot of time in the park, but it was a nice little surprise on our tootle. Looking forward to finding more natural nooks and crannies on our tour. Can't wait.

Today's gratuitous cat photo comes courtesy of a mustachioed Wilma. She's a bit blurry because it's hard to catch this busy girl. Until next week.


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