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Good Friday with good family vibes

It's a snowy day at the farmette. We got a skiff over night, and expecting more this week.

Rob and I optimistically pulled the patio furniture out of storage on Thursday hoping that we could use it on Good Friday when we were having some of the Harris clan over for a wee get together.

While we did manage to get some outdoor activity - nephew Darren (the big guy with the beard) brought a corn hole game that he made - it was pretty darn chilly, and the furniture was kind of superfluous. Oh well.

We did have a great meal, courtesy of everyone. The Harris-Wilsons provided a big, juicy ham and roasted potatoes and carrots. Sister Sandy (left side of Rob, who's wearing his woodsman of the world shirt) made scrumptious beans and niece Erin (right, beside Rob) made a stupendous strawberry layer cake for dessert. Appetizers were supplied by Rachel (in front, in black). Jodi (second from left) brought salad and Melissa  (between Jodi and Rachel) brought her famous squash and pecan dish. We also had a blast visiting and catching up with one another. We don't get together often, and this was the first time we did it without sister Barb - who would have thoroughly enjoyed the love, laughter and slightly chaotic nature of our family meet-ups.

We really are fortunate and I'm truly grateful for our fam-jam. The farmette house was full to bursting, and we had to do some interesting seating to feed everyone. The youngsters Avery (far left), Hudson (centre, hoodie) and Lily (back row, behind Sandy) had a spot in the sun room, while the 'twenties' (Erin, Rachel, Tyler (behind Erin) and Zack (far right) got the new recreation room upstairs. Nephew Mike (tall guy in back), brother-in-law Brian (slightly less tall guy beside him) and the rest of us 'adults' sat at the dining room table, which was extended by a card table.

I realize that this is kind of like playing where's Waldo, and I was the one behind the camera for this shot.

While I'm not very good at decorating, I did splash out a bit with some flowers, chocolate eggs and wooden bunnies nicely placed on Rob's old desk by the kitchen window.

The flowers and bunnies were from a local flower/decoration/clothing store called Eckhardt's. It's in downtown Durham and it's run by two lovely young women.

So, all in all, despite the unco-operative weather, I think we had fun and were stuffed with great eats by the end of the afternoon. I hope everyone has a happy, safe and healthy (not too much - need chocolate!) Easter. Until next week.

Calvin was caught in his 'coiled steel spring' pose for the gratuitous cat photo.

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