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Hope for spring

It's a clear, very cold day at the farmette. Deep in the heart of a Grey County winter. The world has truly gone ga-ga, with our capital being occupied by yahoos, the Ambassador Bridge cut off by yahoos, and cities around the country being paralyzed by yahoos. It's so depressing that Canada has come to this.

Okay. Done with the yahoos. Today, I'm going to sort through my seeds and map out my vegetable garden. I don't have the energy to write anything. So here are some pictures of gardens from the past.

Niece Erin in the backyard at 79 Foster in Guelph in 2004. We had a LOT of snails.

One of the gorgeous Asian lilies at our friends Jane and Dana's cottage at Sturgeon Point in 2008. We went every Canada Day weekend for donkeys. They had beyoootiful beds that produced lovely displays every year.

Our first year (2012) at the farmette. Rob caught this hummingbird coming in for a landing and a sip.

August, 2016, and the tomato harvest begins at the farmette. Had a few squash, as well. Very moody photo, yes?

A bouquet from the second summer of the pandemic - spring, 2021.

I hope you liked this little travelogue through the years. I was just not up to writing a bunch of prose today. Trusting things will be better soon. Until next week.

Gratuitous photo of sleeping cats. Hobbes, Calvin and Wilma. They have the right idea.

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Feb 13, 2022

Little Erin!!! So sweet💜

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