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Joyful springing

It's a sunny but cool day so far at the farmette. I've been going nuts planting, planting, planting. The hanging baskets are full, the deck pots have their cannas and the portulaca is bedded down beside the sidewalk.

The seeds I put in few weeks ago are peeking out, and I think I'm going to go with that sentiment. I can't tell you how much it makes my day, year, life to see the wee seeds that I sow sprout up and produce a thing of beauty - or something to munch on.

I've put in razzmatazz sunflowers in the raised west bed. They're just an inch or two high, but they'll be a foot or two in a couple of months, topped with a colourful array of lovely faces.

The radishes and lettuce are up and will be edible in about a week, if the weather co-operates.

I also buried my rose bush in the side garden and hoiked it out last week. I haven't, in the past, had a lot of luck with roses. But this one has decided to perform for me. Amazing that it survived the winter. Soon, it will be pumping out red blooms that will grace the deck over the summer.

Finally, Rob's potatoes are growing like gangbusters. Gotta get him out to do some weeding today!

We're heading over to the Thornton's for a Sunday barbeque, and I can't wait to see the fam-jam again.

Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Fred, who never encountered a sunbeam he didn't like. Even if it's on his brother Hobbes's mat.


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