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Ladies' retreat

It's a dreary, damp and cold day at the farmette. Only going up to 10 degrees C. Poo. Sounds like a reading and writing day to me. I'll take it.

We did have decent but chilly weather for our biannual get-together. Sister Sandy, Karen, Leanne and I go somewhere in the province to have a great dinner, stay over night and either catch a live show or get pampered with a massage/facial/pedicure. A lot of visiting, laughing, teasing and catching up usually occurs.

This time, it was the Millcroft Inn and Spa, so pampering was on the menu.

Luckily, we got the last dry day before the rain set in, so we managed a wee hike in the forest before dinner.

Here's Sandy doing her best imitation of a pole dance - fully clothed and using a tree. We figured the big divot in front of her was made either by an asteroid from outer space or a modern day dinosaur that had laid a honking big egg.

We also came across a dry stone piece of art that kind of looked like it might have been that dinosaur - with its head and tail buried. The helpful staff had put up a sign that cautioned the art was not for sale. Hmmm.

The meal was fantastic, as you can tell from the look on Leanne's (l), Sandy's, Karen's and my face.

Our waitress told us they had just updated the menu, and it was impressive.

Leanne and I went for the Dover Sole, which was cooked to perfection with fresh leeks and fried chickpeas, which I've never had before, but they were scrumptious.

Sandy and Karen ordered the Fazzoletti pasta (never heard of it - a large, flat square shape) with morels stuffed with marscapone and pesto as well as braised pear. Yum.

Just before dinner, we were farting around beside the river, and Sandy managed to get this action shot of me.

I was demonstrating a certain Jays pitcher's unique (shall we say) windup and Sandy caught me in the final stage before delivery.

Leanne thought I looked a bit like Kevin Bacon in Footloose - that 40-year-old movie that dated us, but we all knew. Given that I NEVER take a decent selfie or staged photo, I think I'll keep this one.

Day two was spa day, and we managed to get into the hot tubs and pools before our massage and facial appointments.

Again, some happy ladies right there lounging in the bubbles.

All in all, it was a very short, but very invigorating retreat from the hurly burly of daily life. Highly recommend. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin, who still likes to loll about in my laundry basket on wash day.


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