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Noticing at the farmette

It's another sunny day at the farmette. Warm, but not hot yet, and the mosquitoes are out in full force. The world is still really topsy-turvy with Boris Johnson getting kicked out as Prime Minister of the UK, and Sri Lanka basically turning to anarchy. Plus, the invasion of the Ukraine continues...

At the farmette, it's been pretty quiet - at least for the bipeds and furry quadrupeds. So quiet that I think I'll do a little meditation today about noticing.

Summer time at the farmette is actually a hive of activity - but you have to be still and quiet and look. This morning, a robin was carrying a piece of grass in her mouth and visited with me while I watered the hostas. Didn't have the phone with me, so no photo. But I actually talked to her, and I think she liked it. Yes, I'm getting that batty.

Rob did have a camera earlier this week, and caught this photo of a cedar waxwing picking the berries off the tree that drapes over our back porch. This is the first time we've noticed these birds. They and the robins took turns harvesting like crazy for a couple of weeks. When I went out this morning, the tree was picked clean!

Rob was a photographer back in the day, and so, once in a while, he'll catch a moment. Here's a shot of the kitchen table in the gloaming the other day. Interesting shadow play, eh?

Sometimes we have to really take note, especially when Beatrix is 'lumping' on the bed - which is almost every day for most of the day. She crawls up under the coverlet and snoozes away the hours. That's ok. She's coming up on 14, which is pretty elderly in cat years.

Good thing we're used to her habits, otherwise we'd get a big surprise and a yowl if we inadvertently sat on her. Hasn't happened for years.

Every once in a while the kitties do something so darn cute, I have to take a picture. Here's Fred, who was trying to coax Wilma into a bit of a tussle. He batted her head while she was trying to nap. This time, he just gave up, rolled over and joined her in the sun streaming through the skylight.

So using a bit of time to take a breath, be still and look around is quite satisfying all in all. I've learned to do this a lot more since the pandemic hit. It's something I'm determined to continue for years to come.

Fred and Wilma can work as the not-so-gratuitous cat photo, right? Until next week.

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Jul 11, 2022

Love hearing about all the creatures at the farmette💜

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