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Post New Year Tour

It's a snowy day at the farmette. We only got about 1/2 inch over night, but it's coming down now, and the forecast is for more.

Yesterday, after suffering from a touch of cabin fever, I rang sister Sandy and asked if she was up for a wee drive to Thornbury and lunch out. While she had been fighting a cold, she was nearly over it, and agreed. Luckily, older sister Barb was still staying at her place, so it was the three Musketeers out for a day of haunting the galleries and having a splendid meal. Extra bonus, Sandy's husband Brian joined us for the lunch after working at his Car Quest shop for the morning.

Here are some pics from the day.

We had a bit of time to put in pre-lunch, so went to the Loft in downtown Thornbury. Amazing gallery with all kinds of art, including these sculptures. The whole area has become a haven for talented artists, and it shows in establishments like this one.

I'm especially partial to poppies - grow them every year in the back yard, so this painting really appealed. Have to save up if I want to get it. Art doesn't come cheap - and it shouldn't. Lovely, eh?

For lunch, we went to The Grey, a lovely restaurant overlooking the harbour. Sandy actually knew, through a friend, that the owner is a young entrepreneur who fixed up the building which was in a terrible state of disrepair.

Apparently, he learned his chef chops in Scotland and came back to Canada where he started up this enterprise, which has only been open for less than a year. Highly recommend checking it out. The food was scrumptious and the atmosphere is cozy. I had the Shakshuka, something I'd never heard of before, but it was basically two poached eggs and a salsa-like sauce. I looked it up, and it's a staple in Israel and the Middle East. Who knew. Not me, obviously. Always learning.

Next, we hit more galleries in Clarksburg, which is basically now almost twinned with Thornbury. The main drag is a collection of galleries and shops and it's really fun to wander along...

The Marsh Street Gallery is an eclectic collection of sculptures and paintings. Once again, I was drawn to the poppies. Here's another take on the theme. I think my love for the colour red might have something to do with it!

We next ducked into the Matilda Swanson Gallery where there was more art on display than I've seen since Rob and I went to the gallery in Halifax last June. Stacks and stacks of paintings covered the floors. Every possible genre and every possible medium. It was almost art overload for this appreciator. But not quite.

Finally, it was back to Feversham and a cup of mint tea to finish off the afternoon. It was great to catch up with the sisters for some stories, a great meal,

some cool art browsing and, of course lots of teasing and laughing. We do have fun, and I'm sooooo lucky. Until next week.


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