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Rained out but carrying on

It's a dull, dreary day at the farmette. I was supposed to be on the Thorntons' boat in Georgian Bay, but we got rained out. That's ok. We still had whole lot of fun on Friday.

Sister Sandy had bought tickets to Fiddler on the Loose at King's Wharf in Penatanguishene and, although the boat trip from there was cancelled due to weather, we saw the show anyway. It was fantastic.

Since I'd never even seen the vessel, I asked if we could at least take a tour, and we did that, too, just before dinner. It's a doozy.

At 37 feet long, the Indulgence is a lovely, well-maintained 44 year old. She's bigger than any boat I've been on, except for ferries. I can hardly wait for the August long weekend when, weather permitting, we'll take her out from Beacon Bay Marina where she's moored to explore the bay.

Sandy's obviously proud of it.

Her late father-in-law Cliff bought it in the 1980s and the family had many good watery times over the years. It stayed in storage during Cliff's later years, and Sandy's husband Brian decided to fix it up and make more memories.

He made the table a number of years ago when his late mother Gina requested one that could be raised and lowered so it could serve as both a place to visit and eat, and as part of a bed. Gorgeous, isn't it? Of course, we had to have a wee glass of wine to celebrate.

It's quite powerful, with two gigantic engines located in the underbelly. It also has several bunks for sleeping and two heads (bathrooms).

Naturally, Sandy and I had to get a selfie while standing on its bow. Pretty happy people, I'd say.

After a quick bite at Flynn's pub, we were off to the show. High energy is an understatement for describing the two hours we enjoyed. All of the musicians could play several instruments including fiddle (of course), piano, drums, guitar, and stand up bass - the drummer even rolled out a marimba and did a wee tune. The music ranged from country to Celtic to modern(ish) day (Coldplay's Viva la Vida), plus an amazing rendition of Hallelujah. They're talented dancers and singers, too.

The setting was also gorgeous. Right on the tip of Discovery Harbour and nestled in a former British naval base, the theatre is a wooden structure with seating for 385. Most of those were filled on Friday. Highly recommended entertainment.

So, even though the water part of the trip was a washout, we still had a terrific time. I'll be in London for visit next weekend, so will catch up later.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Ollie, the Thorntons' male feline who rules the roost over three (!) female dogs.


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