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Ramping up for the reno

It's a cold, wet day at the farmette. Definitely sweater/coat weather. All last week, we had 25+ Celsius temperatures and today, when Sandy's hosting Thanksgiving for about 20 people, it's only going to be 6 or so and crappy. Oh well. It'll be great anyway.

Rob and I had a rest day yesterday after a week filled with clearing out the second floor in anticipation of our big renovation. Creaky, or what!

Anyhow. The biggest problem we had to tackle was the 500 or so vinyl albums we've (mostly Rob) have collected over the years. Thanks to advice our friend Pat, we used shopping bags with handles to tote the musical gems down the stairs. Life saver. Seriously.

While the LCBO supplied lovely cardboard boxes in which we packed most of our treasures, we found out we had a surplus of bags that also came in handy for storage. We managed to find corners and crevices around our wee house such that we can still get from the sun room to the bedroom without too much tip-toeing around.

Basically, we're going to open up the entire second floor, which is now cut up into two small bedrooms. That means taking down two walls, neither of which is load bearing (whew). We're getting the ugly popcorn ceiling re-done into drywall, which we'll paint white, and we're thinking of painting out the walls in a nice sky blue colour.

We have gorgeous oak floors up there, which we're going to save - probably give them a sanding and re-varnish. The guys who are doing the work think that the walls were put in after the floor was laid, so we may not even have to repair the floor with additional hardwood. Here's hoping.

We re-did the upstairs bathroom a few years ago, so it doesn't need to be touched.

Brian and John - our renovators - figure the project will take from next week until mid-November, if they don't run into unforeseen problems. Like we did with the sunroom, which is a whole other conversation. Again, here's hoping.

Well, we have to start getting ready for the big celebration at the Thorntons. Will report back next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Freddie, who just loves rolling around in his crinkly tunnel. Especially at about 4 a.m.


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