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Signs of spring

It's a grey, wet day at the farmette. The upside is that everything is greening up nicely. The downside is that I can't get out into the beds for cleanup. Oh well.

The craziness south of the border continues, with people shooting innocents because of simple human mistakes, like a kid getting the house wrong when he went to pick up his siblings from a party. Still, many Americans insist it has nothing to do with guns. Right.

Anyhow, on a less stressful note, the signs of spring are everywhere.

Hobbes, for example, is downright frisky. Caught him this morning chasing a plastic spring around the sun room. He's past 10 years old, and still rolling and rolling in the sunshine. See?

Rob and I decided to splurge out and get some fancy new shoes for the season. Notice that both are the slip-on type, so there's no bending, grunting or groaning to try and tie them. Signs of age, for sure. But I think they're pretty spanky.

With spring comes repair season, and boy does our back fence need it. The poor thing completely buckled over the winter, and the latticework came out of the top of it.

We're actually thinking of putting in a hedge instead of a fence, since it doesn't border the neighbouring property. It just demarcates our 'yard' from the rest of the farmette.

The nice lady at Westside Nursery in Owen Sound has almost convinced me that variegated Japanese willow bushes might be a better choice than slow-growing boxwoods. She said that there won't be much progress in the first couple of years, but by year three, the little beauties should shoot up. Nice.

We're still mulling over our options, but it might be fun (and less expensive) to see how the greenery could work out.

Speaking of Westside, it was soooo nice to take my first stroll through the greenhouses while we waited for our appointment at the Honda dealership to get the snow tires swapped off. (Another sign of age - we decided to pay them to store the snows and swap them back in the fall - no more hoiking heavy rubber into the CRV twice a year).

Back at the greenhouse, things are just popping. I resisted buying any plant material because it's way too early in my neck of the woods.

There were some new varieties that made my hands twitch though. I settled instead on getting a couple of big pots to replace our aging terra cottas and just taking in the fabulous sights and smells of growing things.

Yay for spring. Yay for the promise of blooms and veggies to come. Yayayayayay.

Gratuitous cat photo (because, really, you can never have enough of those) courtesy of Fred, who has become quite the lap cat. Pretty photogenic, too.

Until next week.


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