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Snowmageddon and shenanigans

It's a snowy, blustery day at the farmette. The exact opposite of last weekend. Over the past three days, we've accumulated about a foot of the white stuff.

This picture was taken on Friday, just after the first dump and after our neighbour Larry had blown out the driveway.

So glad we have him to do that job now.

It's been tough slogging on my walking trail, which is actually a local snowmobile trail.

Hopefully today the machines will be out and tamp down the fluffy snow. It is pretty, but I cut my perambulating short by about a kilometre because I was getting too winded yesterday. Still got two kilometres in.

Sister Sandy and her girls have gone off for a week to Antigua. Nice timing. She sent me this photo of the sunrise this morning. Sweet.


Last Monday, we had our Sparkle bonspiel at the Markdale curling club. All the ladies dressed up in their finery and there was much mirth and cackling along with two four-end games.

The organizers put up a champagne photo backdrop and here's Sandy's team. Looks like she might have cracked a funny just as the picture was being taken.

This is our second year of curling at the club. Markdale is exactly half way between Feversham, where Sandy lives, and Durham, where we are. So it's a good meeting place to catch up in person weekly over the winter.

It's fun to get some exercise and chat with the ladies. Especially during the dark days of winter.

So that's it from the farmette for this week. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin, who is probably the most relaxed of the farmette felines.


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