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Time to be grateful

It's a grey, cold old day at the farmette. I'm feeling really crappy. Was down for the count yesterday afternoon - not COVID, I don't think, but there aren't any tests to check that. Slightly better today.

The news is not getting any better about this damn pandemic. They're now saying at least another couple of months of mass infections. Yikes.

At least Rob and I are triple vaccinated. We got our boost last Tuesday and the doctor who administered them was a real comedian. Actually, the whole vibe of the Durham clinic was light and optimistic. So there's that.

Today, I'd like to focus on what's good. We recently started watching Ted Lasso, and while many poo-poo the show as too Pollyanna, I think it's just the right counterbalance to the tsunami of bad news we're getting inundated with every minute of every day.

Rob. That's who I'm most grateful for. He makes me laugh and think and sometimes cringe. He can be smelly. He's definitely a bit dotty. But he loves me and feeds me and is crazy about the cats. So there's that.

Family. Sister Sandy has especially been a rock through all these rotten times. She, too, makes me laugh a lot. She's a constant source of entertainment with all the stories of her and her family 's shenanigans.

Cats. We have too many, but that's okay. We never would have experienced the sound of pounding paws racing up and down the house in the early morning hours were it not for Fred and Wilma, who were dumped on the doorstep back in 2019. They've encouraged the older ones to stay young - yesterday, Hobbes (the nine-year-old) was playing with a spring - something he has never done. This is a rare sighting of all five of them together - because the fire is on. They keep we humans in line with their atomic biological clocks that know precisely when meal time comes about.

My business. Wordswork Communications has been a constant source of joy - writing about interesting people and businesses and actually getting paid for it! I'm really fortunate to be able to do exactly what I love for a living.

I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, and it's now started to snow. Time to tuck up with the latest Louise Penny murder mystery (books are another thing for which I'm eternally grateful) and while away this Sunday.

I hope all the friends and family are staying safe and sane through these trying times. Until next week.


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