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Blooming time at the farmette

Blossoms are busting out all over at the farmette. I've been writing non-stop this week, so thought I'd take a break and just give everyone a peek into what's going on in my flower beds and keep the text to a minimum.

It's iris season with a passion. Mrs. Glass, the previous owner, obviously loved all kinds of the gorgeous rhizomes. Siberians (bright purple) are small and delicate and wave in the wind on tall stalks. Bearded irises (browny copper) are the statuesque monsters everyone identifies with the variety. The dwarf species (yellow) is especially fetching against the back fence.

There's this little wee yellow lily-looking plant right up against the side deck that I've never looked up. Finally, today, I went to the app store and got one of those plant identifier thingies - mygardenanswers. It's a miracle! Named it right away as a 'common goldstar'. I don't think it's very 'common' looking, but rather pretty - although its latin name sounds kind of hairy and menacing - hypoxia hirsuta.

The red peony that I never thought would take because I heard that they are very fussy and I just plunked it into the first available space has decided to bloom, as well. It not only looks fantastic, it smells heavenly!

Finally, I just love the fact that I have poppies - both intended and voluntary - all around the yard. Some are in full bloom, and some are just getting ready to pop. These guys are so vibrant, you almost need sunglasses to look at them. Right?

Thanks for taking a stroll through the farmette flowers today. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Cheers.

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