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A stitch in time at the farmette

The Olympics are in full swing, and there are ups, downs and surprises all over the place in South Korea. Canada is currently doing okay medal-wise, in third behind Norway and Germany. At the farmette, we cheer everyone. I was especially intrigued with the way the Finnish snowboard coach handled the pressure at the top of the hill - by knitting! I can totally relate. While my freelance writing work is perhaps not quite as fraught as an Olympic coach's, I find that making nice things with a couple of sticks and piece of yarn comforting and, in the end, rewarding.

So here, for your enjoyment, are some of my projects:

When the nieces were much younger and smaller, I was pretty ambitious with the traditional Christmas sweaters. I think Rachel was about nine or 10 in this one, with Grandma Harris - rest her soul.

I got fairly skilled with the circular needles and weaving in all the colours for this nordic pullover.

Fast forward to this Christmas, and the projects were quite a bit less amb​​itious. Here, Rachel at the age of 21 and three-quarters, models the cowl/scarf I made using a traditional Irish seed stitch. Erin got a similar one, with different colours, but I couldn't get her to stay still long enough for a picture!

Last year, it was a snood/cowl sort of thing with a straight-ahead knit and purl. Managed to get everyone lined up on the couch, and Hudson, my great-nephew decided he needed to be in on photo on his great-aunty's knee.

Over the last few years - since coming to the farmette - I've filled in the bigger projects with wee hats for babies. I can usually whip one of these up in an evening while watching, say, Mozart in the Jungle (a FANTASTIC series we've been glued to on Amazon - highly recommended).

Most of the toques will need delivering to the Children's Hospital in London, where they'll keep the preemies noggins nice and toasty.

Finally, I've just ordered a whack of yarn on-line to tackle my most ambitious project yet. A poncho for - drumroll - ME!

​I've always wanted a poncho, and now that I have the skill (I hope) to make a really luxurious one, I'm going to give it a go. Here's the pattern.

Hope it all works out. At the very least, it'll give me a way to relax after a hard day slogging in front of the computer. We'll see. Until next week.

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