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Visit to the "Pants Optional" town from the farmette

It's a dull, dreary day at the farmette. We're hoping for the rain that seems to have dropped on everyone around us, but not here. I've been watering my new plantings almost every day this week, so wouldn't mind a little of the H2O from the sky.

My friend Jane is up on a visit from Toronto and yesterday, we took a drive over to Kincardine, on Lake Huron. She said she would be just as happy hanging around the farmette, but I'd been working hard inside on the business and outside on the gardens all week and needed to get out and about.

Kincardine's only about an hour away, and it was a beautiful day, although actually a bit chilly right on the lake.

It is a lovely little town, and it's been around for quite a while, given the age of some of the beautiful buildings. Gorgeous, eh? I looked it up and, actually this is one of the first settlements in Bruce County, dating from 1848.

The literature says that Kincardine now has a population of nearly 11,400. Which, for this area is not that little as it is about four times the size of our little Durham.

They have a really cool promotion which says, "Pants Optional. Leave your pants at home and embrace the Scottish lifestyle". Of course there's a lovely kilt-clad gentleman on a paddle board inviting everyone to visit.

The water is the main attraction and we could certainly believe the hype about it being a great place for surfing!!

While the waves were quite large, it was pretty early in the season, so the water was absolutely frigid and no surfers in sight. Beautiful colours, though.

Adjacent to the beach is the beautiful lighthouse, which has a museum. A lovely attraction for the town that was renovated last fall.

There are a number of quaint hotels and, as we meandered down Harbour Street, the Inn at the Harbour caught my eye. Several people were hanging out on the balcony having a grand time soaking up the sun.

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and the municipality has made sure that the beds are looking their best. Here's a stunning wiegela we spotted as we walked along the boardwalk.

The boardwalk itself is a tribute to all the townspeople, with names and sayings carved right under your feet. You have to be careful about getting absorbed in reading them all, in case you run into another visitor strolling along!

All in all, we had a nice, relaxing afternoon, as you can see on Jane's face in this photo I just had to take and she just had to mug for. It was wonderful to be able to show off some of the countryside around the farmette while catching up with a great friend. Until next week.

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