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Travelling far from the farmette

So it's a chilly one outside the farmette today. Single digits, and the trees are starting to go red, gold and bronze.

Rob and I are gearing up for our great adventure to Sorrento, Italy, starting tomorrow evening. I got a bee in my bonnet in January that we had to do something special in 2018, since it's our 25th anniversary. So I booked our trip 10 months ago!?! For years, (decades, really) Rob has wanted to go and see the ruins at Pompeii. For centuries, this town and its people were buried under tonnes of rocks and pumice spewed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The place is literally frozen in time, and is an archeological wonder. It's only a 40 minute train ride from our base of Sorrento, which is right on the Atlantic.

We've really slowed down our globe-trotting in recent years, but have done a fair amount of travel in this vast country of ours - from the east coast to the west coast, at least. We've also been back to Rob's homeland of Scotland several times and 15 years ago, visited Prague - one of my bucket list trips.

I had done quite a bit of travelling in my younger days. Europe - including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland by myself on the train in my early 20s and India, Nepal and Thailand with a girlfriend a little later on.

I love the adventure of trips like this.

Every day is different, and you get to explore and learn and experience cultures that we have only read about. Oh, and for the upcoming excursion, I'm looking forward to the exquisite food and wine, of course.

I also find it's a wonderful way to appreciate what you have at home.

When in Italy this time, we'll also take in the Amalfi coast, where the towns are perched on cliffs and colourful houses look like they'll tumble into the ocean.

The stunning island of Capri is just a quick ferry ride away, and there's lots to do in Sorrento itself.

I'm only mostly packed, so had better get to it. Won't be around next weekend, so the next post will be on October 14th, after we get back. Until then, arrivederci folks.

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