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Feline excitement at the farmette

It's snowing this morning at the farmette. I'm excited and a bit nervous because we're going to an interview and to meet a potential new family member!

We've been feeling a bit down since both Nick and Nora died in the last couple of years, and talked quite a bit about adopting a wee kitty. I know, I know, we've turned into those stereotypical cat people - and we love it!

Now that we're back from our Italian adventure, we decided it was time to start the hunt in earnest. We're looking for a male - to balance out the genders and because boy cats tend to be a bit less territorial (we hope). He needs to be young, we think, because he'll be better accepted by the furry clan.

For months, I've been thinking about what kind of cat would work with the other farmette critters, and here's a rundown of my take:

Hobbes: He's the baby and the biggest at six years old and 20 pounds. I think he'll be good with the new one. He's been a bit off with a condition - actually since Nick died - that means he's been chewing on the fur on his back leg. Maybe a wee brother will help distract him and get things back to normal.

Beatrix Potter: Not sure. She's ten and she's a talker, but she mostly sleeps under our comforter all day, so I think she might just carry on as usual. She'll probably show the newbie who's boss, just as she did when Hobbes was introduced.

Lillian Hellman: She the eldest at 14 and wants all the other cats - especially Hobbes - to vaporize already. But she keeps herself to herself and only complains if another feline gets too close to her personal space.

Don't get me wrong. We do love our seven pounds of fierce independence and she loves us - well, the humans anyway - in her way.

The boy we're looking at today at the New Hope Animal Rescue is black with a white chest. He was born in May and his shelter name is Joey. Now, I have to get ready to go to Guelph for the big day. Stay tuned and wish us luck!

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