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Introducing Calvin

It's a snowy but relatively mild day (for winter) at the farmette - about 0C. Our little home will never be quite the same because we have a new family member.

It's done. The search is over. Calvin is in the house.

Yesterday, Rob and I drove down to Guelph for a special event that PetSmart was having to celebrate National Adoption Day. The company has partnered with humane societies and shelters to help get more exposure for the wee furballs that have been abandoned or surrendered and need adopting.

The store was abuzz with older people, families, and of course kids who were billing and cooing over the many kitties that were looking for a home.

Apollo (his shelter name) was ensconced with two brown tabby and white brothers in the centre cage. While we weren't really looking for another orange marmalade, this guy was so fetching, we couldn't resist.

A couple of cuddles and a long look in those eyes clinched it. Then came much paper work and a full discussion with the Guelph Humane Society's adoption co-ordinator about his health, and the fact that he's neutered and microchipped. He's pretty young, so he's going to need a booster shot around the end of November.

I have to say that June Yang is extremely thorough, and given how busy she was, careful to make sure we knew what we were getting into.

As we were waiting to get the deed done, we chatted with another prospective adopter about our clan at home, and mentioned that we had Hobbes. She said we should name the kitten Calvin, and that seemed to resonate, given that we're hoping the two boys will become buddies.

Finally, we were able to put him in our cat cage (which I brought, just in case) and drive home.

We've had him for not even a full day and already he's taken over the joint. He's active and curious and bright-eyed. He's eating very well and had a big stinky poop this morning - so that's working. He purrs very loudly and loves to climb in our laps (for about five seconds because he's so busy).

We're trying to do a gradual introduction to the rest of the crew, but Hobbes is extremely curious - laying at the closed door of the guest bedroom and listening through the crack at the bottom. I think it won't be long before the two of them are romping around the farmette together. The girls (Bea and Lily) may - ahem - take a bit longer.

Anyhow, it feels like Christmas Day around here, and I can't wait to see what Calvin will get up to next. Let's just hope he doesn't pattern himself completely on the little human boy for whom he's named. Until next week.

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