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Walking in a winter wonderland

It's a middling cold day at the farmette, with snow coating everything in a fluffy white blanket. At least it was light out at 7 a.m. when Bea parked her furry self on my chest looking for breakfast. WIN.

Yesterday, it was so pretty that when I went on my walk, I decided I would record some of the splendiforous sights I see almost every day in my little corner of the world.

It's amazing how much forest surrounds us. We're lucky to have so much nature right at the doorstep.

So here are some of the sights in my neighbourhood:

This is the snowmobile trail I take that's just off of Douglas Street, about a kilometre east of the farmette. It's like entering Narnia from the back of the big closet.

Luckily there's no Jardis the White Witch causing havoc with the woodland creatures here.

It is magical, though. Sometimes, like at the end of last year, I get a glimpse of some of those little furry ones.

Here's one little critter I saw on the trail.

He was so terrified that he stood stock still. Probably trying to blend in with the scenery. Anyway, he stayed long enough for me to fumble around, find my smart phone and take this shot.

Around the farmette, I often see bunny evidence - in the form of those distinctive footprints and the pellets around the base of our shrubs. We sometimes curse the little beggars when they chew them down to the quick. But it's rare that we get to see the wee things.

Along the path, there are these lovely benches that have been donated by various charitable groups in town.

While they're not really useful for this time of year, I have had a wee sit during the summer to listen to the birds, breath in the breeze and let my noisy brain take a break.

My route usually takes me down by the Saugeen River, but these days flooding has prevented me from getting there.

It's not too bad, and I could probably tippy toe through the water, but it's about two kilometres from home, and I could just envision my 55-year-old frame tumbling, getting soaked and frozen and having to make the hike back. Wussy, but no thanks.

Finally, I have paper birch envy. One of our neighbours has a gorgeous grouping that I pass by nearly every day. It's so lovely and robust and statuesque. It stands out quite well, especially in the winter time.

I was so inspired that we planted groupings like this around the property last spring.

We'll probably be long gone by the time these guys - who are lined up with the row of old maples that grace the front of the property - reach their full maturity. But it's worth it to nurture them and watch them grow while we're here.

And here's what I get to see every day when I turn into the driveway. Home. Love this wee place, the human and the four felines that reside in it. Yay.

Happy and grateful to be living the rural dream. Until next week.

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