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Spring interrupted at the farmette

Yes, it's the end of March and we got two bloody inches of snow at the farmette over night - and it's still snowing.

AARRRRGGGH, I need winter 2019 to be over already.

Hobbes insisted on going outside but retreated fairly quickly once he figured out that the white stuff is wet and cold on his delicate paws. On the upside, I got my first shipment of seeds from Veseys. Hollyhocks and sweet peas. I got the sweet pea collection, so I've got waaaayyyy more than I really need. I'll have to trade some or give it away, I guess. It all means that spring is on the way, around the corner, not far off. Hopefully. Yay.

Rob's all revved up to build raised beds for the gravelly bits beside the house and behind the garage. He found a video on YouTube of a woman who really knows her stuff. They'll be simple three by six foot structures with capped corners. I'm loving the idea of copper, which morphs into a verdigris that will compliment the 'rustic' (a.k.a. eclectic) feel of our back yard. (Listen to her being all hoity-toity).

We're planning to move the herb garden from beside the sidewalk that meanders along the east side of the house to one of the raised beds so that I can put in more flowers (again, yay) and get rid of the invasive damned oregano that has become a nuisance for the other poor plants that are trying to eke out a living.

It's hard to picture what everything will be like in a couple of months' time when planting will be completed. Oh, wait. I have pics from years passim. This lily is in my favourite west side bed. I filched it from my friend Pat who has a glorious array of all kinds of yummy perennials in her back yard.

She, in turn, has received clumps of my pink and purple phlox. These lovelies pump out the their wonderful fragrance from a height of about five feet and which now have pride of place in her beds.

That's the beauty of gardening. While I need my trips to the nursery to obtain new stock every year, it's also satisfying to trade about and have bits of friends' and family's treasures growing and gracing the nooks and crannies of the farmette. Until next week.

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