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An outing in Holstein

It's a dreary day at the farmette. Cold and supposed to rain down ice pellets. Good thing I got the flower beds cleaned out yesterday. In the morning, we met up with sister Sandy in the little village of Holstein - about 15 minutes from the farmette. We WERE going to go to the bush for the maple syrup festival, but it was so damn cold, and there were so damn many people there (Sandy said all of Grey County, I said half the province) that we opted to just got to the arts and crafts sale.

It was a clear, sunny day, but the wind was so bitter. You know, the one that drills an icy hole through your forehead. Plus, as Sandy said, she has a 50-acre sugar bush - and we all know what it looks like.

Anyhoo. Once we got to the community centre, there were tonnes of cool things to look at, taste, and chat about. We did our level best to buy the place out, too.

Here's Rob talking with one of the many older ladies who had their yummy baked goods and sewing projects on display. He couldn't resist scooping up a date loaf for the princely sum of $3. It's already half gone, and I've had one slice...hmmmm.

We chatted at length with woman who has an alpaca farm just outside Hanover. Karen Mengers is a dedicated farmer who told us that she has 61 animals, with 16 wee ones on the way in May. How much fun is that? She detailed how she saved one baby that had all kinds of respiratory and digestive problems right from birth and it meant that she had to basically live in the barn for feedings and treatments. But he survived. That's dedication.

We bought some dryer balls made from felted alpaca wool from her. I actually used them as soon as we got home, and they work, they really work to dry things faster. Not cheap, but cool.

We also picked up some pineapple habanero jelly. The lady who was selling all these interesting homemade jams and jellies also grows most of the ingredients. Not pineapples, of course, but the habanero peppers are hers. We did a taste test and it was so zesty and sweet at the same time that we were sold - especially when she suggested it would be great as a glaze on a chicken breast. She said it's her biggest seller, and we can tell why. YUM.

Just as we were leaving, I got the bright idea to get a selfie with my sister, forgetting that I'm useless at it. I actually did get a stick for Christmas, but never remember to bring it, so my shortish arms have to substitute.

We were laughing so hard we couldn't get a decent shot. So here are the results. Yes, the 'eyes closed' image, the 'hit by a 2X4' pose and the 'pucker face' look are so charming.

At least Sandy came out looking good in the last one.

Until next week.

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