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Lovely lunching near the farmette

It's a sunny though cool (8C) day at the farmette. We have lots of work to do in the gardens to get them ready for winter... Yesterday, sister Sandy and I took a wee trip to Neustadt - a town that's about 25 minutes away. That's where I found the BEST place to buy brassieres that don't bunch, crunch, bind or cut into my ribs - just nice comfy comfort and support for the girls. It's called Bras Galore and More and Karen Kerr is the friendly, knowledgable and patient proprietor. She is a certified fitter, and she's meticulous with the measuring. She'll ask what you're looking for and help you try on as many over-shoulder-boulder-holders as it takes to get you to your happy place.

Once we had Sandy set up with hers, we needed a little something to put our stomachs in a happy place, and, conveniently, It's My Pleasure is right next door in the same building as the bra store.

Jamie Callan is the owner/chief baker, and she's extremely talented. I've known her since she opened her wee bake shop across the street on essentially the front porch of a house.

Now, she has this bright, lovely little cafe that's a treat to the eyes and definitely to the taste buds.

She has a full menu for lunch - with wraps and paninis and soups and quiches and salads, oh, my - all freshly made and priced right.

Sandy got the ham and swiss on a croissant and I went for the bacon, avocado wrap with lettuce and tomato. It was HOT and it was YUMMY.

A unique aspect of Jamie's resto is that she has a tea menu with as many different kinds as you can imagine. My choice was the blueberry and Sandy got the peppermint.

Jamie also has a huge collection of antique tea cups and saucers and guests are asked to pick out their favorite to hold the liquid solace. This was mine.

I think my mom was channelling from the other side, because when my lunch arrived, it was on a plate that had EXACTLY the same design as the 'good' dishes we had back in the day in Frome. Both of us remarked on it, but I forgot to get a picture. Oh well.

I even got a little something to bring back for Rob. Date squares are his favourite, and I thought I'd splurge on salted caramel cupcakes as well.

Anyhow, it was a fine day. We got to catch up on all the goings on in our respective families, bought some comfortable underthings, and had a more than satisfying meal together.

You can't beat that with a stick. Until next week.

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