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A year in the life of Calvin

It's a snowy day at the farmette. Actually, it's a rain/snow mixture that makes me think I'll be hunkering down all day with my John Le Carre book (called Absolute Friends, and it's an absolute corker).

We're celebrating exactly one year since we adopted Calvin from the Guelph Humane Society. Can't believe it's already been twelve months. He's such a character. Initially we kept him up in the spare bedroom, just to make sure we acclimatize him to the household and the other felines. He was so wee. Just past eight weeks and a lovey dove right from the get-go. Look at that trusting face. Honestly. He grabbed onto our hearts and never let go.

He also grabbed onto our laps really early on. He became quite proprietary about the leg real estate and would climb up as soon as there was enough room for a wee kitten to snuggle in.

Calvin's so curious.

Loves to get into whatever box or paper bag that hits the floor. I've actually had to cut the handles on bags because I found him once with the damn thing wrapped around his neck!

Laundry day is his favourite, and of course only rummages through the warm, clean clothes fresh from the dryer.

Hobbes took to him as a brother almost instantaneously.

The two of them have a morning ritual in which they 'wrassle' all over the sunroom floor right after breakfast. Calvin gets 'set' upside down under the wooden chair and bats at Hobbes, who obligingly bats back. Then they tumble and roll and race around until they're both exhausted. Then, it's nap time, which means the human who bought chair has to vacate it. That's okay. How cute are they?

I actually think Calvin's part dog, because he is so compliant. Need to trim the nails? No problem. Go to the vet? Let me jump in the cat cage, he says. In fact, his one-year checkup was last week and the substitute vet who's pitching in for an ailing Dr. Melanie said he was in fantastic shape. Eyes and ears fine, teeth great, heartbeat strong. Extra long tail (we measured, it's 12 inches long, and we call him lemur boy sometimes). He's 14 pounds of orange fur ball love.

With all the crap that's been going on in the world, it's just so comforting to have a wee boy who fills our lives with unrestrained joy. We're very lucky he chose us on November 10, 2018. Until next week.

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