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Kitty craze

It's a blustery, snowy day at the farmette. Damn cold at seven o'clock in the morning when we went out to the woodshed to feed the kittens.

Yes, they're still there....not by our choice. Ms Wilma has decided to be completely uncooperative about coming into the house.

Poor wee thing. I'm not sure what the heck happened to her, but she's the most skittish cat I've ever seen. As opposed to Fred. Who is so friendly we have to be careful not to step on him.

Yesterday, we tried for about an hour and a half to corral her with no result. From one end of the shop to the other, under boards, behind chairs, in amongst the cobwebs and under the shelving units. There was no tiny, dark corner that she couldn't find and hide in.

Rob said he felt like he was in an episode of Hope for Wildlife, a show we really enjoy about this lady in Nova Scotia who rescues wild birds and animals that are sick, hurt or abandoned. Then she rehabs them.

She and her staff and volunteers are often put in awkward situations trying to capture their wild patients when they're not patients any more. But these are WILD ANIMALS. Wilma must think she's a lynx or a bobcat or something.

If she just knew she had a warm, cozy room that she and Fred could have all to themselves. If we could just convince her...

We did manage to get her on Tuesday...she was wheezing and sneezing, so we had to get her into the vet for a shot of penicillin. Nearly killed us - had to disassemble the entire stack of wood that was piled up for the stove. We shoulda put her in the room then...woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Fred also went south with a temperature of 104 F...and could barely breathe yesterday. So off to the vet we went again. No problem getting HIM to co-operate.

While there, we got great news about our wonderful Dr. Melanie who has been battling pancreatic cancer. Best vet ever.

She's really responding well to her treatment and things are looking up. Yay. She's only 54, and has a LOT of life in her yet.

Both kitties are in pretty good health now as well. Maybe, in Wilma's case, too good (just kidding).

Anyhoo. We're going to try again today to get our babies into the fold so we don't have to traipse to the back of the property four times a day. Wish us luck. Until next week.

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