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Christmas delayed but delightful

It's a grey day - again - at the farmette. We got about a nanosecond of sunshine yesterday, but it feels like the big warm orb has packed it in for the winter.

We're feeling a bit better after our bout with covid over the holidays. So much so that we were able to finally celebrate with the Thorntons yesterday.

We started with a tour of the new barn, which is coming along really nicely.

The walls are all being done up in ash, which the family has been steadily working at. It's going to be a palatial horse house for Trigger (l) and Raven, who are waiting patiently to move in.

Then, it was time to collect eggs from the coop. Sandy distracts the girls with treats - a handful of mealworms - while she collects the fruits of their labour, as it were. She said that she's been bartering eggs for discounted yoga sessions - a bargain all around.

Indoors, we were treated with lovely appetizers before the big meal. Malpeque oysters flown in from P.E.I. that Sandy picked up in the morning from a lovely fish monger in Collingwood. A little lemon, a little hot sauce and YUM. They aren't to everyone's taste, so crab cakes were also on the menu.

Then it was on to the main meal of prime rib, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings.

You can tell it was a big hit from the satisfied look on all the human faces. Marley, not so much. She was pooped from having romped around the yard in the afternoon.

Finally, we got to the gift exchange, so Sandy, Rachel and Erin were able to get the cozy throws I'd been working on since September. Nice trio, eh?

All in all, while it was no fun at all coughing and hacking through the real festive season, we were quite satisfied with the visit, the vast quantities of treats and food and being able to hug it out during our small but happy celebration.

Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Hobbes and Wilma, who hero-worships the alpha male and sticks pretty close to him most of the time.


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