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Christmas near the farmette

It's a grey day in Grey County. Not raining or snowing or sleeting. Just too warm for winter and. like I said, grey.

Christmas has been very, very good to us at the farmette. We started with Christmas eve at the Thorntons with the usual blowout of a meal - striploin steaks we brought from Premium Beef in Durham, and lobster tails. YUM. It was a festive, not too crowded affair with just the immediate families around the table.

My knitting project this year for the Thornton ladies was huge, comfy sweaters that weigh about a tonne. The kind you wear outside around a campfire with no coat.

Nice, chunky wool and big needles meant that they made up in a jiffy. I kinda overshot the length of Erin's (left) arms, though. I even measured, but didn't account for the sloped shoulders. She's a bit of a spider monkey arm-wise, but when she put it on, her hands disappeared. I'll have to try again with that one (sigh). Mom Sandy's in the middle and Rachel's on the right.

Rob and I spent Christmas day with kitties older and new. Fred is so chill he fell asleep on my chest. We're still trying to get Wilma to come out from under the couch when it's NOT feeding time. Anyhow.

We watched old movies like the Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart and Little Women with Kate Hepburn. Also got a start on the books we gave each other. Rob got me a new Ann Cleeves called The Long Call, and I'm devouring it - nearly done. I got him a Bill Bryson called The Body - a Guide for Occupants, and he's just as enraptured.

The Thorntons hosted a big skating party on the 27th. About two dozen friends and family gathered at the Feversham rink they rented for a couple of hours. Fun or what! I hadn't skated in maybe 15 years, so was pretty trepidatious. But eventually found my legs. Forgot how many muscles - besides the quads and calves - are involved, so was a bit creaky in the caboose.

Then, it was back to their place for chili, buns and cold meats. Again, YUM. Needless to say, it was a fantastic holiday full of joy and laughter mixed with a bit of sadness for the ones we lost this year. Until next week. Here's a montage of the party:

Friend David (nickname Ralph) from St. Thomas, me, friend Karen from Woodstock, Simbal, her son Brian's girlfriend and Sydney, David's daughter.

Sandy, niece Melissa, great-niece and Mel's daughter Lily, and Rachel.

The happy hosts. Brian's wearing Erin's old hockey sock on his head - decorative type, you know.

Finally, me, trying to stay upright while niece Erin swans by. Clever clogs Sandy was able to pull this from a mini-video she took. It completely captures Erin's personality...


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