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Coping through COVID

It's a grey day at the farmette. Not too cold. We're bracing for the first snow storm of the season - yesterday, we completed the last of the batten down the hatches chores by tarping the picnic table, which we lean up against the toolshed and tucking the Miata under its blankie.

We had an almighty struggle to get the top up after the entire summer with the top down. But it's done.

I saw a piece on the news about how in Rome, the cafés are banning talk of COVID-19. It's not that they're in denial, it's just that they want to have a space where people can relax and enjoy the experience without the anxiety of the pandemic.

So, I want to talk a little about how I've managed to stay sane through the crazy days of 2020.

Yoga. I practise every morning, just for 10 to 15 minutes to get my body stretched, my mind alert and my energy up for the day ahead. I'm a faithful follower of Kassandra, a yoga instructor on YouTube who also happens to live in Ottawa. She recently moved to a house where she has her own studio - so she doesn't have to rent space from others to do her recordings. Gotta say, she's great at getting these aging bones and muscles working.

Walking. I try to get out most days to stroll along the mighty Saugeen river. I strap on my Sennheiser wireless head phones, put my iPhone in my pocket, pack a thermos of cold water and set out.

The route is actually a snowmobile trail, so I keep a sharp eye out in winter. But people are generally lovely and willing to share the road.

I get a bunch of positives out of this. Being outside in the fresh air, communing with nature, getting the gams and lungs exercised and listening to the oldies (Talking Heads) and newers (Florence and the Machine) really raises the spirits.

In the fall, if I'm lucky, I catch sight of turtles sunning on the rocks or Canada geese floating along on the Greins' pond.

Visiting family. I've been getting over to Sandy's every couple of weeks and it's been a nice break. I've been extraordinarily busy this fall with my writing, so am very grateful to be a freelancer and able to carve out some down time to just chill out.

Last Friday was just such a day, and we went ambling in the back forty again. It's especially nice since we bring along the doggoes who provide a lot of entertainment. Especially when the three of them insist on having the exact same stick. There's 50 acres of upright trees and an even greater amount of lumber on the forest floor, but Marley, Callie and Sadie MUST have the same bit of wood. Go figure.

We're talking about perhaps getting some cross-country skis so we can do the trails in style through the winter.

Baking and knitting. I know, I know, I'm starting to sound like a cliché, but I find these two activities really quite relaxing - and productive.

Nothing like having something yummy to eat or give away after a few hours of pursuing your hobby.

Anyhow, these are few things I'm doing - along with massive doses of kitty cuddling, book reading and Netflix - to get through the pandemic of 2020. I'm hoping that all my lovely readers have and practise their own ways of coping.

Until next week.


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