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Creakiness at the farmette

It's a stunningly gorgeous day. Cold. We had to get up an hour earlier thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Cripes. Let's stick to one time all year, OK?

This past week I went to the doctor. I had a nagging pain in my left elbow. And yes, this is going to be one of those, OMG old person talking about aches and

pains kind of post. With a twist. So read on if you want. Or not.

In recent months, I've been blessed with being diagnosed with bursitis in my hips and, on Thursday, found out that I have medial epicondylitis. Which sounds dire, but its lay term is golfer's elbow. Honestly. It's the middle of winter. I don't golf when it's the middle of summer. Ever.

How I wound up with this ailment, I'm not sure. Could be that I'm lifting weights the wrong way (yes, I do this). Could be the un-ergonomic desk I have (it's Rob's hand-me-down who got it from a family friend like 50 years ago). Maybe the way I'm sitting at it and typing is all wrong. I don't know. I just know it's sore.

It is amazing when you hit a certain age how the bones and muscles that used to co-operate even when you punished them are very particular about being abused - or even slightly overly used.

This morning, my whole body was creaky - rib cage, back, legs, bursitisy hips, aching elbow - the lot. Plus there was the DST thing. Crap.

Here's the twist. Our veterinarian Melanie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is younger than me by a few years. She is a frigging godsend and a saint. She has a really dark, quick wit that I love. She's also a kickass medical diagnostician who saved our Hobbes' life. It is not fair. Not one iota. But she had surgery recently and, fingers crossed, she's going to come through this. We are all pulling for her.

My point is that we have to savour every moment. Okay, most moments. There's still vacuuming and dusting, and you'll never see me jumping up and down about those things.

But, even when I'm creaking. Even when the muscles are screaming, Clarice. I can take some satisfaction in the fact that I'm here. I'm lucky because I have people and fur balls I care about and laugh with.

The fact that I have aches and pains that I never used to have is really - right now - just a bit of an inconvenience. There are exercises I am doing for relief. There's ice packs. And Advil. There's lovely, lovely Advil.

Anyhow. That's my little sermon for a Sunday. I'll take this life any day. Creaks and all. Until next week.


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