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Festooning the farmette (part 2)

It's a cold, grey day in Grey County with just a whiff of snow on the ground. Last week's technology glitch was a whopper. Anyone in all of Canada who subscribes to Eastlink for internet service was out of luck on Sunday and half of Monday. Normally, the service is spectacular, so can't complain too much.

Last week, I did the 'greenery' part of decking the halls at the farmette. That's when I trudge around the property with a pair of secaturs and clip the spruce, cedar, boxwood, and, this year, hydrangea.

It's kind of fun when your laziness produces some cool bits for Christmas decorations.

While I'm no Martha Stewart (by any stretch of any imagination), I do like to make at least the doors look nice for the holidays. Above is what the side door to the deck looks like now.

And here's the front door. The kitties were very intrigued by all the comings and goings. It is Fred and Wilma's first real Christmas in the house. They both enjoy taking the tissue paper out of the tops of those colourful bags and flinging them around the room. Sigh.

At least they can't climb the tree (the branches are too close together) - unlike a certain Calvin was wont to do as a youngster.

Last year, the little ones were in quarantine upstairs in the bedroom. We kept them away from the rest of the clowder (yes, that's the collective for cats) until everyone could get used to each other. Actually, at that time, it was more like a glaring of cats, given that they weren't yet sure about being together. Wilma was still cowering under the couch and Fred was being his friendly, unbelievably cute self. See?

Fortunately, this year, felines and humans are living all together in (relative) harmony.

We've decided that we're going to have a stay-at-home Christmas this year. Just too many moving parts (and moving people) in these pandemic times and we don't want any transmission mishaps. It's a remote possibility, but better safe than sorry.

That's okay. On Friday, Sandy and Erin met me in the parking lot at MacGregor's (my favourite store, and it's just down the road!) and exchanged prezzies. We'll also be FaceTiming on the big day for the big present opening, so we'll be able to visit then.

This year certainly has been an interesting one. I've learned quite a bit about how very precious are our friends and family. I've also learned that, despite being on the planet for more than 57 years, I can still be shocked and appalled by how some people can act so selfishly and self-destructively - cue the orange peril and his followers.

Here's hoping that, a year from now, we'll all be vaccinated up and able to be together in real life. Until next week.


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