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Growing season at the farmette

It's yet another hot, sunny day in Grey. We're almost into the d-word as in drought, with a couple of weeks of no rain at all.

It's been great for the farmers who are haying, but otherwise, here at the property, I've been running around like a headless chicken trying to keep my new plantings alive.

We are seeing signs of life, though, so I'll take you on a little virtual tour.

Here's the verbena I planted a couple of weeks's paired with my baby's breath, which will make a pretty, patriotic pot (how about that alliteration!) once the white fronds emerge.

The vegetable garden is banging on. Peas and beets are up, as are the radishes.

The wild phlox are blooming in my 'meadow' garden' (aka the one I can't keep up with), and the forget-me-nots are just past their prime. My domestic phlox are only about a foot tall and won't bloom until July.

Below was the scene earlier today, with the sprinkler going full on to my Solomon's Seal, allium and ferns, with a bit of hosta and violets in there for good measure.

With all the heat comes bugs. Mosquitoes have been rampant, chewing on every part of my body. I have to soak myself in OFF before doing anything in the gardens.

The aphids are making homes in a bunch of our shrubs, including the burning bushes we had installed last year. Rob and I have both have given them baths with insecticidal soap and they may be in for another dunking before we can completely get rid of the little buggers.

Here's an artsy shot of one of my hanging baskets, which aren't very full right now, but will be in a couple of weeks.

So that's it. We're hoping for some rain in the next week so we don't have to do so much irrigating, although the forecast isn't very promising.

I won't be posting next week. Going down to my old stomping grounds in Shedden for the famous Rosy Rhubarb festival. Will report back in a couple of weeks.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Bea (top) and Fred, the oldest and the youngest, who enjoy lolling around bathed in sunshine on the mud room floor.


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