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Half-day away

It's a very cold (0 Celsius) day at the farmette. Bright though. Good weather to do some garden cleanup.

It's a very weird time in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic is re-surging. Craziness is happening in the run-up to the U.S. election. Fires raging in the west. Hurricanes hurling in the south and east.

It's nice in the middle of the maelstrom to have a peaceful time out. Which is what I did on Friday with my sister over on her property.

We started by picking up a scrumptious takeout lunch at The Bicycle Cafe in Flesherton, which is the mid-point between the farmette and the Thornton's 50-acre estate.

I ordered the falafel - something I haven't had in about 25 years, since we lived in Toronto. Sandy picked up BBQ bowls (pork, rice and yummy Korean bits) for herself, her daughter Erin and Erin's boyfriend Nick. My lunch was fantastic - a lovely wrap packed with tasty hummus balls, tahini sauce and spiced just right.

We then drove to the Thorntons and tucked in while the pups ran around and around. Sadie - the latest addition to the family - is growing like a weed. At three months she has the gangly gait of a pre-teen. She gets along well with the other dogs - Callie (Rachel's dog) and Marley, who, as the eldest, has kind of taken the wee springer spaniel under her wing - literally. See?

After a short snooze, Sandy, Rachel and I went for a ramble with all three dogs through the bush to the cabin they have nestled well away from the house.

It was, ahem, bracing, given that the temperature was in the single digits, but well worth it. The dappled light, the fresh air and good company all combined to make a lovely little hike. Sandy's obviously having trouble keeping her tongue from sticking out, but, you know, younger sisters and all. Can't believe Rachel is a young woman. I go all auntie ga-ga as I remember when she was still fresh from being born - 24 and a half years ago.

The cabin is a little getaway for when the younger crowd - and sometimes the oldies - get pandemic-cabin-fever in the big house. It's lovely - with board and batten on the outside and a warm and cozy inside. Rachel, like her mom, likes to vamp it up in front of the camera.

Anyhow. It was a lovely afternoon's respite. While the world seems to be going crazy, it's nice to know there's a restorative family retreat not far from the farmette.

Plus I got to snuggle with a spaniel. Until next week.


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