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Planting up a feast at the farmette

It's planting season, and Rob and I went at it hammer and tongs this weekend. Hard to believe that one week ago, there was 15 cm of snow on the same furniture that Hobbes was lolling in 20C weather yesterday.

I had to wear my winter coat, toque and mitts eight days ago, and was sweating in a t-shirt yesterday. What a contrast!

We had already done a bunch of prep work, applying a craptonne of sheep manure and roto-tilling.

So yesterday, I rubbed my hands together and plunged them deep into the soil to start my favourite time of year.

They say digging in the dirt is actually really good for your physical and mental health. Studies have shown that it boosts your immune system, reduces the probability of asthma and makes you feel happier. Gotta say that I'm living proof. OK, the physical creak-factor is quite high this morning, but in these pandemic times, the mental lift is a friggin' life saver.

Anyway, I actually started with the sunflowers - a full row of Russian beauties will line the south side of the big veg. garden. I also did a corner planting of mid-sized red-hued sunflowers for contrast.

Radishes, peas, lettuce, carrots, beets, onions (green and cooking) and parsnip seeds all went in rows marked by bits and bobs I found in the barn and the massive woodpile. No fancy markers from Lee Valley for this garden.

As you can see, we're root vegetable heavy around here - probably due to the straight-line relationship with Scotland that certain resident has. (Hint - not me).

Speaking of Rob, he had already planted a row of garlic last fall that's now looking great and took on the small pad this year. It will be pumping out spuds by about halfway through the summer. One long row of redskins and another of white. Yum.

We're waiting a bit to put in plants - partly because we're exhausted and achy from doing all the other stuff, but mostly because it's supposed to rain for the next couple of days. Plenty of time yet for putting in the dozen or so Roma tomato plants (to make sauce, chutney and other canned goodies) and peppers.

I didn't quite get around to planting the glads - so that's what's on the agenda today before the rains come.

With all the crap going on all around us pandemic-wise and the non-stop cycle of Covid-19 news, it's nice to just turn it all off and enjoy being outside, warm and messing about in the dirt. Gotta be grateful for how lucky we are on the farmette.

Hope all our friends and family are staying safe and healthy too! Until next week.


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