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It's a sunny, cold, clear day at the farmette. We still have a lot of the white stuff on the ground - in fact, the pile at the end of the street is taller than me!

I've been doing a lot of reminiscing lately. Pandemic brain has set in, and it has sent me to our electronic photo album. It has thousands and thousands of pictures from family gatherings at Christmas, weekends at Jane and Dana's cottages, romping around at horsey events for nieces Rachel and Erin and all manner of hijinks while on vacations and around the farmette.

Here's one from 2019 at Easter. We had the family over for a big meal, a chinwag, and rousing games of bocci in the yard. We even put a television out on the deck to watch the Leafs lose out (again) during the playoffs.

Rob's sitting with Sandy. Darren's at the end with his mother (and my older sister) Barb, and Mike, who is Barb's son-in-law has the quizzical look and the beard. Cripes. Hard to believe this was only two years ago. Feels like another century.

This one is from 15 years ago. At the 'Point'. We had many a wonderful summer weekend hanging out with these folks. Terry and Claire on the left, Jane, Rob and Dana. Terry, unfortunately, isn't with us any more. Damn cancer. But we had seriously amazing times with seriously good people.

We also have tonnes of photos of nieces with horses. Here are Erin and Rachel at separate events in 2018. They love riding, and Rachel has become a real barrel-racing fiend. Hope we can get to some of her events this year, pandemic willing and the creek don't rise (old rural saying).

We've had lots of animals, as well. Of course, Rob and I are the quintessential cat people, having had nine felines over the years (five of them still with us).

While we obviously love all of them, one of our biggest surprises - in a good way - was discovering Hobbes, abandoned by his mother, in our new-to-us barn in 2012.

Rob had to bury his two dead sisters and insisted he wasn't going to bury the little scrap of orange fur that hissed and spat every time we came near.

As you can see, he's a bit bigger now. Twenty-plus pounds of purring, sucky love.

This is my favourite photo of Nick and Nora. Must have been shortly after we adopted them from the Guelph Humane Society shelter. Probably 2003 or '04. How cute are they, anyway? Sitting in the sunny window of the front porch at 79 Foster Avenue. Both gone now. Boo.

Of course, some of the best moments are the little micro-memories. Here's Rob and me at my 50th birthday party. More than seven years ago. Looking pretty happy, eh?

Anyhow, while it's nice to reflect, reminisce and walk down memory lane with the photos, I'm anxious to make new memories, and get together with friends and family to laugh and play and eat. And take more memorable photos. Hopefully this summer. Until next week.


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