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Reno update

It's a grey, mild day at the farmette. Showers are in the forecast, probably turning to snow later today.

We've been busy decorating the new space in the house, so I thought I'd give a little update.

I now do my 10-minute morning yoga classes with Kassandra on Youtube in the upstairs room, and Calvin has decided to be my yoga buddy. He rolls around, tucks into my bent legs and ducks under the 'bridge' I make with downward facing dog.

He's also adopted the rec room as his own. As you can see, he's quite comfy with the new futon cover.

Seredipity kicked in when I realized that our old rocker, which we got re-upholstered way back in the Guelph days would fit nicely in the front corner of the room, along with our fairly new Adam Young print. He's an artist who lives on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and his work is full of colour and cheer, depicting life on the Rock.

John Connolly, who did a bunch of the renovation work, is also a sort of cabinet maker, so when I asked him to convert the closet door from one of the old bedrooms to a coffee table, he obliged.

He did a pretty excellent job, too, right?

We got a temporary Blue Tooth turntable while the Oracle is getting reconditioned. Wednesday night, we had a great music night rocking to the oldies with Steve Winwood, Cat Stevens, Queen, Pukka Orchestra and more.

Finally, we put back up our Rogue's Gallery of family past and present in the staircase.

I had to pano this shot, because we have so many to show off! There's my grandparents on the Harris side, Rob's cousin Catriona, the Thorntons and many, many more. The doorway in the middle leads to our half-attic, which is over the living room downstairs.

The room - now dubbed The Loft - is getting lots of use now - movies and music mostly. The felines like to lounge with us up there, too. So glad we made the change.

Until next week. Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Fred, who prefers the under side of the futon.


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