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Road trip far from the farmette

It's a grey day in Grey County. Snow is apparently on the way, and luckily, I got my outdoor decorating done yesterday. Used some of the goodies I bought on my spending spree last weekend - more on that later. So will likely hunker down with a good book (Civilizations by Laurent Binet at the moment).

Our road trip last weekend was SO MUCH FUN.

After Sandy picked me up, we made our way down to Woodstock to visit with Karen, a lovely friend of Sandy's from her time at Roche, who has become part of our 'girl's weekend crew.'

Along the way, we stopped at The Plumber's Wife, a little store in Arthur I've whizzed by a thousand times on my way to and from Guelph. Always thought it looked interesting, and Sandy and I had some time, so we stopped. And shopped. And shopped. Among the many goodies was a couple of gnomes we couldn't resist and got them for sister Barb.

After refreshing from the road with a smart martini at Karen's that involved mostly alcohol and a few blueberries, we dined on sumptuous tuna steaks, stir-fried veggies and quinoa. Why don't I make more quinoa at home? It's so delicious and a lovely alternative to rice and potatoes.

We had such a good time there, I forgot to take photos, but rest assured, it was spectacular.

On Saturday, we travelled to London, and Barb's place. We again had some time before we needed to meet up with another friend for lunch, so we drove around St. Thomas - where we all went to high school. Gotta say, Pinafore Park is looking rather good these days, with all kinds of upgrades to the pavilions, a splash pad and lots of parking.

Lunch was at the Pinecroft Restaurant, a little, out-of-the-way place close to where Leanne (another of the girl's weekenders) lives. Leanne works at St. Joseph's hospital in London where she has the incredibly responsible job of organizing orthopaedic surgeries.

So it was nice to get a little respite, a little laughter and a lot of good food. I had the sausage-stuffed mushrooms and was more than sufficiently stuffed with the tasty little morsels.

We even managed to get a group took both Sandy and I to hold the camera just right.

Then, it was off to more shopping at the Sparta Candle Company, one of those stores that's been around forever and seems to go on forever - besides candles, there were all manner of tchotchkes and interesting bits to suit everyone's tastes.

Barb and I couldn't resist trying on the goofy felt hats - and Sandy couldn't resist taking a photo.

Through it all, we managed to dodge the snowfall, pulling into Karen's just as it was getting nasty, and taking off from Barb's on Sunday before the weather closed in.

All in all, it was a fantastic, though seemingly very short, adventure. I have to say, I was feeling refreshed and recharged after hanging out with the ladies. And I'm so grateful to have them in my life. Until next week.


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