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Rodeo reminiscences

It's a misty, moisty, warm day at the farmette. Supposed to be rainy most of the day, so glad I did my laundry and hung out the clothes yesterday.

Since I skipped last week's blog post, I thought it only fair to report on what I did do. I went to the Feversham rodeo! I think I've only been to one or two others.

Here's niece Erin, myself and sister Sandy. Erin got a bit exasperated when she had to do about six re-takes because her aunt still doesn't know how to do a selfie (sigh).

In the morning, the family went to a Slack - a term I'd never heard before - but it means the folks who weren't part of the rodeo could still show off their talent. Rachel and Trigger did a fine job in the pole bending and barrel racing competitions.

Here's Sandy and Rachel post- races. Note the matchy-matchy jackets that they had bought at an event at Rachel's work at Georgian Peaks ski resort, and for which I HAD to tease them. Callie is, as always, close to Rachel, who she adores.

The RAM rodeo tour goes to different communities putting on a show and raising money for local charities. In Feversham, local businesses donated enough sponsorship funding that the show was paid for and all the proceeds from 1,100 gate receipts for that day went to the Markdale Hospital Foundation. That community is getting a brand new facility - a first in a hundred years. It's actually already under construction and is expected to be finished by the end of 2023. Pretty amazing for such a small place.

The rodeo itself was spectacular, even with the very cool weather. One of the high points was the Canadian Cow Girls, a precision riding team that did spectacular loops and curly cues on horseback! The ladies kept everyone riveted with their amazing abilities and the emcee informed us that they'd won nearly every North American competition they'd been in, including the Calgary Stampede.

The barrel racing and pole bending competition was fierce - and it was all women - which is a nice change.

The only slightly upsetting bit for me was the bronco busting. I freaked out when one guy got completely pummelled by slashing horse hooves. Yikes. He was fine - probably really bruised and battered - but he walked away. Still, I sheepishly (or cow-ardly) asked Sandy if we could skip the bull riding at the end of the event. She was a dear and said yes.

All in all, it was a great day, and I really enjoyed the company, the spectacle and the fact that I contributed in a small way to helping out my county. Until next week.


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