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Staying occupied during the pandemic

It's a grey day again. We had some stunningly beautiful days during the week, but on Friday and into Saturday, got a HUGE dump of snow - more than 15 centimetres, or six inches.

Woke up this morning to another three or four centimetres - so the trees and hedges are well-coated.

While we've been in lockdown, one of the most entertaining things we've done was go pick up groceries during the storm on Friday. Tried ordering online for the first time during the pandemic - and it worked out a treat. The wee girl who hoiked the bags out to the car from Grant's Your Independent Grocer in Hanover was a friendly, bubbly lass fully equipped with a bulky coat, funky toque and the requisite mask. Gotta love those frontline workers.

Anyhow. Since we're not GOING anywhere, I've been having to occupy myself - beyond the drudgery of house work - which I LOVE (not - looking at you, Pat I).

Christmas is well over, and all those lovely knitted presents are now wrapped around the necks and hands of friends and family. But my fingers are still itching to keep clicking. So I started making toques from the scads of leftover yarn resulting from years of projects.

Got a really simple ribbed pattern that I can complete in a day or so while watching movies (we just saw Palmer on Apple TV - highly recommend). Anyhow, it kind of got out of hand (pun intended), and now I have this collection. I've decided I'll donate them to a shelter here in Grey County. Call it Hats for the Homeless. I'm sure they will appreciate having warm noggins during the cold days ahead.

I also - like many - started baking more. While I'm trying to keep the weight down so I can still squeeze into my snow pants, I do like the occasional treat. And Rob has a pretty sweet tooth, so it all works out.

Yesterday, I tried a new recipe from the Interweb - award winning according to the author. Lemon Crinkle Cookies. This, too, was actually pretty easy to put together since we had all the ingredients on hand. The combination of citrusy tartness and sugary yumminess is a real winner.

I managed to get them just right - with a matte finish - not shiny or sticky, as the recipe maker warned against. And I even got some of the 'crinkles'.

During these seemingly endless days of COVID-19, we're fortunate to be warm and comfortable here at the farmette homestead. It's especially gratifying to have people working to help us out and returning the favour for others.

Until next week.


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