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Time away from the farmette

It's a grey day in Grey County. We got a tiny amount of rain over night and are expecting more today. It feels like autumn today - which I don't mind. Fall and spring are my favourite seasons, although I'm also a fan of summer and winter - just not of the sweltering heat and teeth-chattering cold.

Friday afternoon, I took some time off to visit sister Sandy. The rest of her family went boating on Georgian Bay, and she wanted a bit of 'us' time. So did I!

Our adventure started at the Meaford Farmers' Market, which is a small but mighty little place that's only open on Friday afternoons. Everything from Mennonite poultry, pork and beef to honey, garlic, home made sweaters and baked goods.

We then went to visit Sandy's aunt and uncle-in-laws Ed and Shannie (Sharon - but everyone calls her Shannie). They're wonderful, welcoming people who had lived in eastern Ontario until recently when they took over Shannie's older brother's house. Denny and his wife decided that the 3-acre property was getting a bit much to take care of, and moved to a condo on the waterfront in Meaford.

It's a gorgeous place, with tons of space, a big vegetable garden and lovely trees gracing the perimeter.

Here's Shannie (blue shoes) and Sandy inspecting the garden and chatting away with a nice glass of white wine that we had brought as a house-warming gift.

They're just settling in and getting used to being back in the area after decades of being away.

Since the family was off on the boat, Sandy had feeding duties for Rachel's horse, so Saturday morning, bright and early, we toddled out to the new shelter that was installed earlier in the summer to make sure Trigger was properly nourished. Isn't he gorgeous?

Fast runner, too. Rachel and he made some decent money barrel racing this summer!

We then went for our morning walk through her 50-acre woodlot in Feversham.

Marley always loves her early morning walks, and this day, she didn't have to put up with being chased by the other two dogs who are usually at home, but were on the boat with everyone else.

Both Callie and Sadie are young and rambunctious, compared to Marley, although she can still put on the after-burners when she wants. And she's always very photogenic. See?

Anyway, there was lots to see in the late-summer shade of the woods, including this tree that had an unusual formation that looks kind of, sort of, like a person's face in partial profile.

Maybe the Green Man? If so, that's a pretty powerful pagan symbol of re-birth and spring after the cold and snow of winter. Which is handy when you live where we do.

It was an amazing visit - we got caught up on all the family news and goings-on, as well as ate some scrumptious fare for Friday dinner - baklava from the market for dessert after a chicken souvlaki with pita bread and Greek salad. YUM.

While it was a short overnighter, it was a very sweet visit. Glad to have the opportunity to get away from the farmette, as well as to come back to it - and a big welcome from Rob and the five furballs. Take care everyone. Until next week.


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