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Time flies

It's a grey day in Grey County. The temperature is zero and is going up to four. Strange for mid-February. How about that climate change?

Rob and I were chatting about different adventures we've been on in the past - and we're lucky over thirty years to have done lots!! But it's funny how time contracts as you get, ahem, older.

For example, we did a big trip to England and Scotland with our friends Jane and Dana and couldn't remember when. So we looked up the timing of the pictures we took. Unbelievable that it was 2007. Sixteen bloody years ago. Really? Of course, we were all a bit more svelte and a little less creaky in those days. Pretty handsome bunch, eh?

This picture was taken at Rob's cousin Catriona's house in Nairn, Scotland. She was an amazing person and extremely generous hostess. With a lovely home that she and late husband John had renovated to perfection. Come to think of it, Catriona has also been gone for a number of years, so the trip had to be that long ago.

It's been more than 10 years since we rescued our wee Hobbes from near-certain death when his mother abandoned him and his sisters - who didn't make it - in our barn.

Hard to believe this little scrap of feisty orange fur is now a 20+ pounder who has a permanent head tilt due to a stroke. We'll keep him.

These are from 2008. Mom and Dad had sold the house in Dutton, and were getting ready for the big clear out yard sale. Sister Sandy never misses the opportunity to mug for the camera, and sister Barb loves to play along. Mom was gone in January of 2009, and Dad died in 2017. Miss them. Lots of good memories of family gatherings, though.

We had a gathering in Prince Albert Saskatchewan in the summer of 2014 with Rob's brother Bill's family. This one actually kind of feels like last summer. But no, it's nearly nine years ago. Honestly. I hadn't met most of these folks, and was surely glad to spend a bit of time with them. All the kids are waaaayyyy bigger now and Vicky and Bill have finished their time here. A lot of them have scattered around the country and moved on with their lives. So grateful we got this opportunity.

So that's it for this week. It's only a small slice of the many, many great times Rob and I have had with our friends and family. I guess you can either be nostalgic for the old days or be happy you had them and move on to new adventures. Maybe a bit of both.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin in 2019, when he was still small enough to fit on my legs. He still tries, but kind of drapes a lot more.


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