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Road trip in Grey

It's a rainy day at the farmette. Warm though. Really feels springy. Yesterday, it was downright summery, with the temperature in the mid-20s Celsius, so we went for a toodle in the Mazda Miata. Yayayayayay! I LOVE toodling around Grey County with the top down in our little classic car - it's 31 years old.

It's especially sweet because we're once again in lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals are filling up with younger and younger people. Doctors and nurses are exhausted and the ICUs are getting overwhelmed. At the same time, vaccinations are rolling out across the land. As of today, 18 per cent of Canadians have had at least one shot. That includes Rob, who got his a couple of weeks ago!

So the race between the variant viruses and the vaccines is on. We weren't exactly racing in the Miata. More like trundling and enjoying the view. Here are a few pictures I snapped along the way:

This is the man-made lake in Holstein - a tiny town not far from the farmette. The kayakers were out and there was actually a family picnicking on the shoreline. There are little gazebos with picnic tables dotted all around the park, and Rob suggested we go back some day with a packed lunch containing his famous devilled eggs. I wholeheartedly agreed. It's such a cute little oasis just off the beaten path.

I was so excited about how nice and warm it was that I decided to wear my Edith Prickly shoes. Unfortunately they don't lend themselves to hiking around on stony ground, so I didn't do a lot of that.

Holstein's a funny little town. The Christmas decorations were still up on every other hydro pole down the main drag. As you can see, they are horse head silhouettes with a Santa cap and a green wreath plus bell around its neck. A bit odd, but hey, everybody needed a bit of cheering this year. That's for sure.

Next stop was Priceville, where there are lovely historic buildings all through the town. They have plaques indicating what the edifice was used for back in the day.

This one was an especially odd combination of harness shop on the left and undertaker on the right.

All along Highway 4 there are indications of the way we're going with energy. Huge turbines dot the landscape pretty much the whole way from Flesherton west to Durham, where we live.

There's also a small solar panel farm, and I managed to snap off a few pictures as we whizzed along.

We were only gone for a couple of hours, and we didn't actually get out of the car much. But it was great to be able to at least get off the farmette and go zipping around in the fresh air.

Glad to be able to get out and about, that's for sure. Hope all the friends and family are well, safe and happy. Until next week.


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