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What a year

It's snowing today at the farmette. Unlike the sugar snows we've had recently, I think this one is going to stick around.

I was going through some of my photos over the past year, and realized we packed it in in 2023. Good times, horrible times, this was a year for the books.

Most recently, we lost our sister Barb. Still trying to get over that one. Lots of people came out to the memorial. She was loved. She'll be missed.

Thanksgiving was a huge family get together at the Thorntons with all the trimmings and all the fun and camaraderie.

I got a trip on Sandy and Brian's boat. That was spectacular, especially since Labour Day was steaming hot and Georgian Bay was nice and cool.

Sandy and I had a girl's day out for our birthdays in August. Lovely lunch at the Cowbell Brewery and restaurant. And the weather was perfect for a tootle in the Miata.

At the end of March, we were lucky to be able to get out to Vancouver Island to visit with our dear friends Jane and Dana. A short but very restorative trip.

Going to the Brier earlier that month was both a highlight and a downer, since that was the week Barb had her hours-long surgery to excise the cancerous mass in her abdomen. Her daughter Melissa (centre) did get the autographs of all Barb's curling heroes, though, and that meant soooo much to her. That box will be a treasure always.

So it was a busy year, for sure...and with another month to go, I'm looking forward to more good times with family and friends. Gotta appreciate everything and be grateful for our time here. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Freddie, who can't resist a tummy rub.


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