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Snowy start to 2017 at the farmette

The farmette is pretty much buried today. Fourteen inches of the white stuff has come down in the past three days, according to my measurements. Luckily, it has also been pretty mild and we haven’t had to go anywhere, having loaded up on groceries and other necessaries (e.g. fizzy wine to toast the new year) earlier.

Being in a festive mood, and really liking what I saw, I decided to venture out to the back forty to take some digital snaps. It was a bit of a slog, but enjoyable, nevertheless. A bonus is that I really needed a workout after all the rich food of the holidays. There’s nothing quite as exhausting and exhilarating as having to hoik my legs three feet in the air to be able to navigate through the frigid acreage we call home.

My ’snow’ pants are actually sailing togs that I bought at a consignment shop a couple of years ago - fully waterproof from chest to ankles and only cost me about $20 - a fantastic investment, particularly during a winter like this one.

Everything is so fresh and clean and beautiful when it’s all dolled up in winter finery. Even the old rickety fence that rings the house takes on a Narnia-esque majesty.

Speaking of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, today might be a good day to re-visit the C.S. Lewis classic. I just love the whole idea of walking through the back of an old closet and stepping into another, frozen world.

But then, I’m fortunate enough to be able to just go out my back door! I don’t think Mr. Tumnus or the White Witch are lurking around West Grey County, but I have detected bunny and feral kitty tracks. Plus there’s always a junket of juncos sheltering in the bushes and chowing down at the feeder.

Anyhow. As we enter the next year of adventures, foibles and follies at the farmette, I want to wish everyone a fantastic 2017.

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