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Comfort and joy at the farmette

It's a cold, sunny day today and it's only going up to eight degrees Celsius.

We've had a rough couple of weeks with shitty weather (it actually snowed yesterday!) my friend Pat permanently gone, another death in the family and, for me, a broken rib. Cripes. It feels like we're paying for all the good fortune we've recently enjoyed. Mind you, we don't live in the Middle East or Ukraine. So there's that.

Instead of pissing and moaning, I thought I'd try and stay positive. While I'm not fan of the movie The Sound of Music (too schmaltzy), I do believe that thinking about your favourite things is a good way to lift yourself up when you're feeling sad.

So. Here's what greeted me as I tried to sit down at my desk to write this.

Fred has been like a limpet on my butt for the duration. At least three or four times a day, he jumps up on my lap and settles in for either a bath or a snooze. I'm like a feline recliner for him.

I also think he instinctively knew that I was feeling low.

Earlier in the week, we did get a couple of glorious days in which we were actually able to sit out on the deck and soak in the sun. The wind flowers were wind flowering and Penhaligon the tin penguin was standing guard.

Rob's been a brick, as usual. Here's one of his favourite pastimes. Communing with the orange boys at the picnic table.

He's given me gentle, gingerly delivered hugs (broken rib, remember?).

It's easy to take for granted the ones who are closest to you on a daily basis. While I'm guilty of doing that, it's good to reflect once in a while about how ridiculously lucky I am to have hooked up with this one.

Sister Sandy came by on Thursday - just for an hour or so in the afternoon. She was picking up her share of the onion sets I ordered from Vesey's.

This photo was taken last summer when we went on a joint birthday celebration road trip in the Miata.

She gave me a little sign for one of my birthdays that says 'I smile because you're my sister (I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it)'. That about sums up her sense of humour. She nearly always makes me laugh - which was a bit tricky with the rib and all. So worth it anyway.

Anyhow. It is spring. We will get better weather. I will be grieving for a while. But the rib will heal and life at the farmette will go on. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo is one from a few years ago courtesy of Bea, who is still chugging along at the age of 15.


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