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Damp denouement to the 2017 farmette reno

It's a gorgeous day at the farmette...sunny, bright and not a cloud in the sky - unlike yesterday when my nephews were trying to finish work on the deck/siding renovation. Mike and Darren are a pretty determined

pair, and when the cloudbursts were coming a little too frequently, they got creative. Darren has a portable shade that he takes on the road to the many ball tournaments his daughter Madisyn plays in. She's a corker of a player, and has already been scouted by colleges at the age of 15. The tent is intended to keep the scorching sun from burning holes in delicate girls' skin. Yesterday, with our tarp as extra cover, it served as protection from the relentless freaking rain. Undaunted. That's what I'd call my nephews.

Imagine - they both took precious time away from their young families during the holiday weekend to help out aunt Lois and uncle Rob with their house upgrade. Amazing.

The boys (I really shouldn't call them that - they're in their late 30s) have lovely wives and two beautiful children each. They both work very hard all week at their respective jobs and they work extremely well together - as we witnessed at the farmette over the last couple of weekends.

The family teases them about having a 'bromance' - and we saw it in action over the time they spent with us. They love to tease and joke - but when the rubber hits the road - or actually the hammer hits the nail - they really know what they're doing, too.

Just look at that beautiful board and batten that graces the east side of the farmette house. And the good, solid deck that's now ready for family gatherings in the years to come.

There are still a few details to finish - we need to do some staining today, there are soffits to install and a bit more board and batten around the corner, but for all intents and purposes, the job's done - and done well.


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